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Friday, 4 April 2014

Australia: duo shots part I…

I’ve just recently been sent these photos from one of the shoots I did in Brisbane, Australia last year with beautiful model Moofy, and photographer Art Form Brisbane.

It was quite a productive shoot and we managed to get quite a lot of sets done, so I should be posting more of these in the coming weeks. :)

131013-Gestalta,-Moofy-&-Scarlett-294 131013-Gestalta,-Moofy-&-Scarlett-317 131013-Gestalta,-Moofy-&-Scarlett-318 131013-Gestalta,-Moofy-&-Scarlett-329 131013-Gestalta,-Moofy-&-Scarlett-337 131013-Gestalta,-Moofy-&-Scarlett-350

via Gestalta http://ift.tt/1fGMgTI